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Clinical Study

Knee Osteoarthritis Research Study



Principal Investigator
A/Prof Mark Bloch

Osteoarthritis is a very common condition that causes the joints to become painful, stiff and is associated with difficulty in physical activity. The most affected joints are knees, hips and joints in the hands. Reducing the pain associated with OA is a major unmet need.

Investigational Treatment

Previous research has shown that the experimental drug being trialled in this study blocks the activity of a particular protein and may reduce pain. It is hoped that blocking this protein may potentially reduce knee pain in patients with OA.


The study drug is administered as 3 injections under the skin of your stomach or thigh, once a week for 16 weeks.

What's Involved

You will be required to come to our clinic 27 times and there will be one phone call over a period of 36 weeks (approximately 8 months).  At each visit you will see the study doctor and then the research team for study assessments.


There is no cost for the vaccine or study visits, and you will be compensated for time and travel.


To be eligible, participants must:

-         Be aged between 40 - 80 years old.

-         Be clinically diagnosed with Knee Osteoarthritis

-         Have symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis for at least 6 months.

-         Be generally in good health or have well-controlled medical conditions.

-         NOT have any history or current diagnosis of any other inflammatory joint conditions


Further eligibility applies

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