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Our Location

We have sites centrally located in Darlinghurst in Sydney and Fortitude Valley in Queensland.

We have recently joined AusTrials and P3 Research to form Momentum Clinical Research

Holdsworth House can undertake trials from Phase I to Phase IV across a broad range of therapeutic areas. We have extensive onsite capabilities and access to external local vendors to provide trial support if required.

Choosing Momentum isn’t just a decision to opt for a clinical research partner; it’s a commitment to excellence, a dedication to advancing medicine, and an investment in outcomes that redefine benchmarks. When you’re with Momentum, you’re with the future of clinical research.

Our Expertise

When it comes to clinical research, choosing the right partner can make all the difference. Momentum isn’t just another clinical research entity; we represent a legacy of expertise, commitment, and results. Here’s why leading CROs and sponsors choose Momentum as their preferred partner:

Accelerated start up

  • Patient recruitment is still the biggest challenge in clinical trials and Momentum is setting a world leading standard by leveraging years of experience in marketing and patient engagement strategies. The geographically diverse and dispersed locations of our sites give our partners an advantage in reaching a larger number of participants in a shorter period of time. By providing a seamless experience from engagement through to completion, we’ve built a comprehensive database of over 50,000 participants, enabling us to deliver high-quality study data as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Additionally, our Australian and New Zealand based teams are experienced in streamlined ethics processes, allowing for a fast-tracked approval time of four to six weeks.

Consistent Quality Outcomes

  • For over 20 years, Momentum’s key personnel have worked alongside the most experienced investigators and researchers across Australia and New Zealand to successfully deliver more than 200 Phase Ib-IV clinical trials. Our facilities are equipped with the latest medical technology and all staff are proficient in the leading electronic case report forms and randomisation platform software. Momentum allocates a dedicated quality officer to all clinical trials, to ensure they comply with the International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) E6 Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and collect high quality and credible data. We take pride in upholding the highest clinical trial standards with our GCP trained teams and IATA certified staff.

Diverse Therapeutic Capabilities

  • Since 2001, we have demonstrated our commitment to innovation and quality, and our widespread presence across Australia and New Zealand makes us the only Trans-Tasman clinical research network. Momentum’s portfolio of 13 sites through the merging of P3 Research, AusTrials and Holdsworth House bring an unparalleled diversity of research experience and therapeutic capabilities. We can facilitate individual trials to be conducted across multiple sites, reducing the need for sponsors to co-ordinate numerous parties – resulting in a smoother trial process.

Single Point of Contact

  • By partnering with Momentum, trial sponsors can expect a single point of contact from feasibility assessment through to trial completion. With our 48-hour initial response time, a dedicated team will provide consistent communication throughout the trial process, ensuring partners receive fast responses to enable timely decision-making and provide regular stakeholder updates. Our end-to-end support system allows for efficiency during the intricate clinical trial journey to ensure sponsors experience consistent, first-class care from the onset.

Our equipment

A large variety of equipment both on site in our Sydney and Brisbane facilities and  extra offsite access to further  specialist equipment.

Onsite equipment

  • Fully equipped rooms with access to beds, chairs and an extensive range of medical equipment
  • ECG machines
  • Defibrillator, anaphylaxis and approparite medical support
  • Centrifuge (ambient and refrigerated)
  • Extensive IP storage
  • Secure, locked access for study materials
  • -20°C, -80°C freezers
  • Photography equipment
  • Remote remonitoring of fridge and fridgers to ensure IP safety.
  • Chairs suitable for infusion and vaccinations
  • Procedures rooms for biopsy or similar procedures
  • Spirometry and more advanced machinery such as EasyOne Pro
  • Urine drug and alcohol testing
  • Hyfrecator

Offsite equipment

  • Radiology (x-ray, MRI, CT, PET, DXA, ultrasound)
  • Respiratory Lab, Sleep labs
  • Onsite Lab and can work with Central Labs of specific lab choice of sponsor
  • PBMC processing and analysis
  • Exercise Physiology, DEXA scans
  • Cardiac lab, stress test, exertional tests

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