Clinical Study

COVID-19 Vaccine Research Studies



Principal Investigator
A/Prof Mark Bloch

Holdsworth House has various Covid-19 vaccine studies upcoming and is looking for people who are interested in potentially being involved in one of these clinical trials.

Investigational treatment
What's involved

If you’d like  to know more, contact us using one of the methods below and one of our  research team will call you to see if we have a study that suits you.  If we do, we’ll give you more information  about it and check your eligibility to participate.

If you are  eligible and you do decide to participate in one of our studies, there is no  cost for any study medication or doctor visits, and you will be compensated  for time and travel.


You may qualify if you:

  • Are aged 18 or older
  • Have had 2 primary COVID-19 vaccinations and at least one booster dose
  • Are generally healthy
  • Have NOT received a Covid vaccine recently
  • Have NOT been infected with Covid-19 recently
  • Are based in Sydney

Further eligibility criteria apply.

Register your interest

Please contact Holdsworth House Research to register your interest, or, use the form to request more information.
Follow the link below to register your interest:
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